Stephanie Morris

Our dear friend and band mate Stephanie Morris passed away on June 1, 2009. Stephanie sang on our most recent album, qhnnnl, and performed live with us for the past year and a half, singing, playing guitar and keyboard. In that time she managed to become an integral part of our group, both musically and socially. Stephanie's passing took us all by surprise and has left a giant hole in the lives of many, especially her husband Nathan and her family.

We are trying to collect video of Stephanie's time in Dianogah. Please contact if you have anything you would be willing to send. We'd prefer an actual DVD in lieu of digital files if possible. We will share this video with her family.

At this point we have decided to continue with our plans to play the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago in July. This was a show that Stephanie was going to play and we plan to pay tribute to Steph in our set.

Beyond Pitchfork we are not sure what the future will hold for us.